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Twig Thumb Ring in 14K Yellow Gold

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Recently I had a request to design a twig thumb ring and use some old gold jewelry my customer no longer wore to be used to cast a new and more modern piece.  She had seen my custom twig engagement and wedding ring set and knew that a twig design would be just the thing for her. 

I suggested a ring that would wrap around the thumb for an overlap that would  give flexibility to the fit.  That way is would easily slide over the usually larger knuckle and settle comfortably in the smaller place where the ring would be worn.  

Wax model of Twig Thumb Ring

Wax model of Twig Thumb Ring

By using my hot wax pen I was able to melt certain areas for the knots and to create some very smooth surfaces to juxtapose with the rougher, textural areas.  

We weighed out my customer's gold to be sure we had enough to cover the ring, the casting sprue and the button which acts as a reservoir of molten metal to make sure the ring casts properly.  The wax ring weight is multiplied by 14 or 15 to estimate the amount of gold for the ring and then doubled to account for the sprue etc.  We had enough from a couple of old but beautiful pins that were no longer worn but were about to be reborn as a gleaming, gold thumb ring. 

The 14K Yellow Gold Twig Thumb Ring is complete.