Taf Schaefer

Your Sport, Your Passion, Wear it on a Sculptureal Buckle

Schaefer was inspired by her early years on Cape Cod, where the freedom to explore the beaches and oceans, raise abandoned Sparrow Hawks and study wildlife up close propelled a personal nexus between art and science.  Building on that inspiration Schaefer uses research and hands on modeling and carving to realize a design. Taf's personal connection with her work speaks directly to her collectors and customers who share that passion.   Schaefer works in her studio in the Seacoast area of New Hampshire where exploring and collecting treasures fuels her creative engine.

Whether it’s carving stone, sculpting wax or designing glass, Taf's process involves an immersion in research, a drive to explore materials and a willingness to tackle projects with no prior experience.  While working as the top selling designer at Steuben Glass for almost 14 years Schaefer designed a number of jewel like accessories for her crystal sculptures which ultimately led her back to designing jewelry and accessories.   Schaefer continues her work with Steuben Glass which has been incorporated into the Corning Museum of Glass in Corning, NY, the largest and most inclusive glass museum in the world.

Go to: https://www.steuben.com or https://www.cmog.org

The HoneyBe jewelry collection began as a way to explore the textural qualities of honeycomb.  The pieces are hand sculpted in honeycomb wax, cast in the cire perdue, lost wax process and finished by hand. 

Each piece is a personal statement, made by hand in the USA with 1% of profits donated to charitable causes.